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On behalf of the Chatham County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, I am pleased to welcome you to our new Website. It is our hope that you find the Website user friendly, the information useful, and that you will visit us consistently to assist you in your quest to know more about the Chatham County Housing Authority. 

I am proud of the new direction that the Chatham County Housing Authority has taken to become more effective and efficient in our operations and to provide superior customer service. Our Housing Choice Voucher Program is an advantageous combination for program participants and participating property owners. Property owners benefit from a steady source of income while providing much needed affordable housing for Chatham County residents. Over 900 families benefit from this program. The Housing Choice Voucher Program enables families the affordability to secure multi-dimensional housing, thus avoiding a concentration of assisted housing. Additionally, families in the Housing Choice Voucher Program are provided aide in becoming self-sufficient and eventually homeowners through the Family Self-Sufficiency and Homeownership Programs. 

Chatham County Housing Authority and their partners are committed to keeping the community safe, especially during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We exercise all CDC COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations inside and outside of our facilities and acquired properties. We encourage the principles emphasized by our local and statewide frontline health care systems including but not limited to; frequent hand hygiene, appropriate facemask covering, and 6-feet social distancing. Moreover, Chatham County Housing Authority stresses the seeking of medical evaluation upon any COVID-like symptoms. 

When we all work together to give residents the tools they need to become safe, healthy, and self-sufficient— the entire community wins. 


Jo-Ann J. Davis
Executive Director
Chatham County Housing Authority

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